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Remembering last summer, I am happy, despite all the restrictions, the summer pleased with its weather, it seemed to negate the lack of travel and gave excellent weather for the whole season. I really hope that this summer will be warm. I want to spend more time outdoors, and of course I want to spend time in comfort) Recently I was in Samara and walking along one of the old streets I saw a number of sun loungers, of course my wife and I immediately sat down to take a break from a long walk. And I didn't want to get up from these chairs, they were very comfortable. I immediately thought that the first thing I would do upon arrival at the workshop was to make such a chaise longue. You will need to make several of them in order to take nature with you. When I thought about the material, I remembered that I just have long pieces of 25mm plywood, it is durable and perfect for this project. See what happened!)

My name is Vitaliy. Welcome to the MAY DIY channel.

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It is interesting to carry out repairs with your own hands on the principle of "do it yourself", especially house renovations, apartment renovations. Doing it yourself is very exciting, where many skills are applied, such as: cutting and polishing, sanding and painting, painting and sawing. Creativity is the main component of creativity. It's nice to make various crafts, homemade devices are useful in everyday life. Skillful hands are the key to creativity. Cutting and assembling yourself, installing and maintaining various things is so much fun. Replacing and restoring, as well as trimming and upholstering various elements with your own hands, gives a man a sense of integrity. Setting up and adjusting furniture is generally a bomb.

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